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End of Year Tax Webinar
End of Year tax planning is not just for the super-wealthy!

With only a few weeks to the end of the tax year, how much money would you lose if you don’t take action?

It’s too easy to think that year-end tax planning is for the super-wealthy, but it’s for everyone that wants to use the tax year to their advantage.

On 24th February we will be hosting an ‘end of tax year’ webinar. This 40 minute webinar is designed for you if:

You have an ISA
You take an income from an ISA
You have children over the age of 18
You have grandchildren under the age of 18
You pay into a pension
You take income from a flexible pension
You would like to claim more advanced tax allowances

The webinar is open to clients and customers as well as family and friends. Even if someone is not a Wills & Trusts client, those attending can make use of the special checklist that will be provided to attendees to make sure that they take advantage of every legal tax break available.

Attendee numbers will be limited to 500, and so please register today to save your place. All attendees will receive their ‘Pre-April Checklist’ so that they can ensure that they are doing everything possible to protect and grow their wealth for their family.


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